CEE 22 mains connectors

CEE 22 mains connectors

Bulgin was the first to innovating and impose the standart of connecting mains voltages to equipement like home computers, medical equipement, office machines enz... (since more than 35 years)

The norm IEC 60320 was borned and followed the UL,CSA,VDE ... where also acquired by the time for all those connectors.

retainer clips 

PCB versions

flitered mains power connectors

Quick fast-on 2.8 mm , 4.8mm ,6.3mm

Solder tags

screuw tags

main power fused

screw fixing chasis connectors

clip fixing chasis connectors

A large range of power  10AMP, 16 AMP, 20 AMP       250Volt VAC

Colors of the moulding is on option and exit in black,grey,white


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